Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Gstring Comparison: "Classics", PROs, and Converted "Classics"

With the Gstring PROs soon to be offered (hopefully mid-October?), I thought it would be good to compare and contrast the original Gstring (now called Gstring Classics) with the Gstring PROs and converted Classics with RipCords. In an upcoming blog, I'll give step-by-step instructions for converting the Gstring Classics to the new RipCord adjustment system. We won't be offering Classics with Ripcords for sale  but we'll provide detailed instructions for how to do it. Also, in the near future, we'll offer a conversion kit for those who would rather not have to hunt for parts from several different sources.


  • cords are stiff making them easier to hang and remove from mounts over your head
  • can be adjusted either while they're hanging or not.
  • 5mm long-lasting cords 
  • lighter in weight (2.2 lb./pair) 
  • adjustable hanging length from 13"-16". (If vertical clearance is critical, they will mount higher than the Gstring PROs)
  • better for travel because of light weight and versatility in mounting (able to be used in a doorway in a pinch while traveling)
  • strengths: versatility - able to be used hanging, with free weights, weight machines, TRX straps, etc. rowing machines, etc.


  • quicker and easier adjustment with the RipCord quick release system (must be hanging in order to adjust)
  • wider at the crimp end making a full hand sloper easier for larger hands
  • heavy duty 6mm flexible accessory cord used for 3D-Sling
  • two oval 'biners (Black Diamond) included with purchase which are integral to the RipCord adjustment system
  • hanging length - 17" non-adjustable 
  • easier to change StikGrip (do not have to remove 3D-Sling or cut StickGrip to fit around cords)
  • cord protectors to help prevent abrasion of the 3D-Sling cords
  • heavier in weight - not quite as suitable for travel (3.3 lb./pair)
  • strengths: more user friendly for changing positions when hanging; larger; heavier duty

Classics with RipCord Conversion: 

  • user converts a set of Classic grips by purchasing an accessory kit or gathering the necessary parts, then disassembling and reassembling the grips according to provided instructions
  • has Classic size and shape, but with the addition of the RipCord adjustment system which makes adjusting super-easy
  • heavier in weight than the Classics, but lighter than the PROs: ~3 lb./pair (depending upon which brand and model of 'biners are used)
  • like the PROs, they will need to be hanging to be adjusted
  • 5mm flexible accessory cords will need to be replaced more often than the standard stiff cord used in the Classics
  • user needs to provide 2 oval or symetrical pear 'biners
  • 17" non-adjustable hanging length
  • strengths: more user friendly for changing positions in vertical hanging mounts

All grip versions will maintain Gstrings' unique shape and adjustability which give you 8 unique grips positions and the ability to fine-tune the degree of difficulty of each position.