Monday, July 1, 2013

Gstring Climbing Grips Videos

These videos have been announced on our Gstring Facebook page and have also been integrated into the SICgrips website. However, if you're a reader of the blog and haven't seen them yet, the following short videos may be of interest.

We spent a week in Missoula climbing, rafting and shooting these videos. The goal was to create several short videos that document what's already on the website such as grips positions, adjusting Gstrings and suggestions for exercises to use in a training program. Some people would rather see it in video form than photos and text. Also, it helps create more buzz by having them up on youTube and in a form that can easily be passed around.

We also wanted to create a short video showing the uniqueness of the grips while illustrating our product tag line: 'Less is More'. Since I didn't have any creative ideas, I gave my son complete creative freedom to come up with something ~30seconds that illustrate the 'less is more' concept. Well he did that in a very unique way and which also ties it into the double entendre unique to the product name. Imagine my surprise when I got a rough cut of this! Please be aware that the first video may not be suitable to play in a work environment.

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